First Watch: Obama adores Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chrono

President Obama's watch is a Jorg Gray 6500 Collection Chrono. This is the very first time I've heard of the emblem but I'm positive the company at the rear of it would be widely used now. Anticipate that the brand would sell, especially given that Mr. Obama is President of the us.

Surprisingly, the watch, which we are able to now referred to as the "first watch" is inexpensive at $325. It's nevertheless too much to get a watch but that's extremely unlike the more costly ones just like Omega or Rolex.

Options that come with the watch contain chronograph minutes, continuos just a few seconds, Citizen Miyota quartz movements, 24-hour indicator inset dial at three o-clock position, plus a 12-hour main watch together with luminous mere seconds hand.

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