Barack Obama's Watch through Jorg Gray


Famous watch maker Jorg Gray is celebrating the 44th President with a special watch that everybody can now obtain, or around. This special watch has personal meaning for the President as well as the exact thing, with every piece of information is now available to the masses.

On Barack Obama's 46th birthday he was presented with the Jorg Gray 6500 as a gift that is seen on him on many occasions, also many historic speeches like the one in Berlin. Jorg Gray has decided to bring out this special line of watches for all to get a hold of. The sole difference between the general public version as well as the President's is the presidential seal about the watch, the public version contains the Jorg Gray logo.

President Barack Obama has since been photographed wearing his Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph in multiple television interviews, magazine photographs and media appearances barack obama watch jorg gray. Notable occasions that President Obama has worn his Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph include:

* Berlin Campaign Speech (July 2008)

* Democratic Nomination Speech (August 2008)

* Presidential Debates (September and October 2008)

* Presidential Election Victory Speech (November 2008)

* Multiple Appearances with New Cabinet Appointees (January 2009)

* Inaugural Ball and Inauguration Day (January 2009)

* Signing first proclamation as President of the U . s (January 2009)

Each Commemorative Edition watch posseses an individualized serial number as well as the inscription "The 44th President of the usa Barack H. Obama" on the back face of the jorg gray watch collection. The stainless steal watch is water-resistant up to 10ATM , and has a high-impact scratch resistant crystal face. I love the size of the watch face; the watch I currently rock is similar in size and I let you know nothing looks superior to a big shiny watch on your wrist.

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